What People Are Saying in Houston, Texas

From Parents:

Amethyst loved yesterday…she went on and on about class. Thanks so much”.
– S. May

Jack attended Chinese class today and absolutely loved it!! He told me that this class is his favorite part of school! Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful opportunity to Commonwealth”.
– Dr. Megan W.

Thank you so much for the scholarship. Alex’s instructor was great! Thank you and the director again for all your support”
– L. Martin

From Program Administrators:

A few of the kids have tried to speak to me and then when I respond they say, “Oh we haven’t learned that yet.” It’s so cute. They are trying and I think they are really enjoying it. Thank you for being so great to work with!! ”
– Dawn C, Principal

The students absolutely love the class! The teacher is really wonderful she has great games and they really enjoy everything!! When she leaves they are singing the songs! I’m really glad you all choose our school!”
– Carla G. Site Coordinator

The Briargate Extended Day Program really enjoyed the whole aspect of the Spanish classes, the way the staff taught the children through different exercises and games kept them engaged and they remembered what they learned. Not only are the children looking forward to the second phase, the parents are too. I really appreciate the personal connection the staff made with the children”.
– Dawn A. Site Coordinator

From Instructors:

Futura, you, and the business are very much in my heart!”
– Jocelyn C.

I would like to express my appreciation to you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with these little kids. This was unforgettable experience for me”.
– Su Mei L.

I just have to reiterate how excited I am about working for this company. You speak my language!!! I love your philosophy and mission in bringing languages/culture to kids…and the manner in which you achieve that! Kudos to you and to Futura!”
– Carolyn B.

I also wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with Futura. I truly had an amazing time and enjoyed working with my group of kids”.
– Diana C