Building Block Method of Learning

Music ClassFutura’s unique teaching philosophy, the Building Block Method of Learning®, uses songs, games, and cultural activities to promote language learning in a dynamic, age-appropriate manner. The primary goal of our classes is to spread enthusiasm for the Spanish language while providing a rich exposure to its many cultures.

Our Mission

The Basics of the Building Block Method of Learning®

Dynamic approach to teaching:
  • Each day/lesson is comprised of 8-12 different activities, none lasting more than 5-7 minutes
  • Teaching methods are engaging and age appropriate (Songs, games, cultural activities)
  • Lessons appeal to visual, kinesthetic, and audial learners.
Instruction mimics first language acquisition
  • Students learn to speak before they learn to read or write in the target language
  • Conversation is the first and foremost focus of every class
  • Students immediately start responding to their teachers in Spanish
Continuously builds on skills
  • Multiple topics are introduced simultaneously over several weeks so that there is always an opportunity for review to improve language retention.
  • Encourages total conceptual learning so that students are able to start building basic sentences and phrases. Example: During a study on body parts students review colors and numbers: Tengo dos ojos. Mis ojos son azules.

Building Lifelong Language Learners Since 2001