Our Parent-Funded Enrichment Option

Parent Funded Enrichment OptionFutura Language Professionals is a completely community-based organization dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and the cultures it represents. We have been partners in the community since 2001, continuously creating customized programs to suit the needs of clients like you. You will be pleased with our program, the caliber of our instructors, and more importantly the ease of working with us!

We will work with your school to provide an affordable before or after school Spanish program catered specifically to meet your middle school’s needs.  The courses are completely funded by parents, making it an option for those schools struggling with budget cuts.

  • Prepares students for traditional middle and high school Spanish courses
  • Customized age appropriate curriculum for grades 6-8
  • Classes meet one hour each week before or after school
  • 16 or 20 week sessions offered annually
  • All classes conveniently held at school
  • Affordable tuition
  • Grants and payment plans available
  • Weekly newsletter provided for students and parents
  • Additional materials available for extra practice at home
We take care of:
  • Registration
  • Class lists and management
  • Communication with parents and instructors
  • Recruitment and hiring of all instructors
  • Background checks and evaluations of all instructors

Our Futura teacher does a fantastic job. Our students are really learning Spanish and I think we’ll have more students testing out of high school Spanish in the next few years.” – Sharon Wallace, Principal Immanuel Lutheran School

“Nice to have this opportunity for language classes for the middle school students.”-Parent, Gethsemane School, Minnesota


Find out how to bring Futura Language Professionals to your middle school today by contacting your local Futura location.