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“Your teacher is an excellent instructor, very well equipped, and extremely patient. She demonstrates very fine classroom management. She keeps the class going at a very well times pace. She makes learning fun. She encourages participation and offers very good positive reinforcement. Also, she is very good at maintaining a calm yet focused approach to discipline. She sets a great example to what Futura advertises as a teacher, as I believe every teacher I have seen has exemplified.”
Parent, Whitnall School District, Wisconsin

It’s fun. Games are fun. My teacher is cool. I like what I am learning about. I love everything!!!
Student, Moundsview Area Schools, Minnesota

“The teachers are always on time and fantastic as they check in at the office, we look forward to having them in the building!” Secretary, Waukesha School District, Wisconsin

“It’s always a pleasure to have your company teach for us!” Associate Director, Community Education Oregon Schools, Wisconsin

“I love this job and love improving myself each week through your input and encouragement!” -Teacher, East Troy, Wisconsin

“Thank you-Our daughter loved Spanish on Mondays.” Parent, Edina, Minnesota

Integrated Programming

“Your teacher is very conscientious – a total team player. She’s doing a wonderful job. She has found the gaps in our kids’ learning and is quickly working to get them up to speed. Her room is beautiful – warm, inviting and well managed. Impressed on every level!”
-Principal,St. Therese, Minnesota

“Spanish classes are going well. The Futura teacher continues to do a wonderful job with all of our students. We truly value having her as a part of our team. I continue to receive feedback from high school Spanish teachers that our students are well prepared and some of them are placed in Spanish II when they enter high school.” Principal, St. Eugene School, Wisconsin

“Our kids enjoyed the experience and fun learning.” Parent, Shoreview, Minnesota

“Thank you for sending us such a compassionate, enthusiastic teacher. “- Principal, St. Jude School, Wisconsin

“When you began, our kids had a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish at best. Now our kids are ready to handle and excel in high school Spanish.”-Parent, St. Joseph’s Parish School, Wisconsin

“I feel Spanish class is going very well. I love all the activities the teacher has planned along with being very organized and prepared for the class.” SC Johnson Childcare, Wisconsin

“The kids love the Futura teacher!  She brings so much enthusiasm and energy to her lessons, in addition to literature, songs, and games to reinforce vocabulary.”-Principal, St. Jerome’s School, Minnesota