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Vamos con la Música (Let’s go with Music!)

**LIVE virtual** Spring 2023

Discover the Magic of SPANISH! In this eight-week LIVE virtual adventure, ¡Vamos con la Música! (Let’s go with Music!), students learn music and school related vocabulary along with useful conversational Spanish taught using dynamic songs and games. The class will also delve into the fascinating culture of Argentina! Put on your thinking caps because each week will be packed full of useful SPANISH. Get a language head start today! (Space is limited.) Applicable to grades K-5, new students and previous Spanish participants.

Adult Conversational Spanish: Beginner

**LIVE virtual** Spring 2023

Learning a language is a lifelong journey and now you are on your way! Participants will practice with real-world conversational components and builder phrases in Spanish enabling them to carry on small conversations related to giving and asking for directions and restaurant conversation. Vocabulary and grammar components will include weather, seasons, dates with months, days of the week, family vocabulary along with the verbs ser and tener conjugations. Culture discussions will include the importance of food, family, and friendships in Spanish speaking countries. Applicable to new students and previous Beginner Spanish conversation participants.

Adult Conversational Spanish: Intermediate

**LIVE virtual** Spring 2023 

¿Quieres hablar más Español? Then this course is for you! Continue building on previous Spanish skills to further develop conversational abilities in the language which will include expressing recommendations and comparisons. Real life scenarios will be introduced, and role played in Spanish to ensure a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Participants will also be delving into more complex grammatical instruction and vocabulary to create full sentences in Spanish. This will include present tense conjugation with ER & IR verbs, hobbies, sports, and workplace vocabulary in Spanish. Exciting culture discussions are related to music, dance, and famous people in Spanish speaking countries. Applicable to students who completed Intermediate Spanish Part 1 or previous Beginner Spanish conversation participants.

Adult Conversational Spanish: NEW! Advanced

**LIVE virtual** Spring 2023

¿Quieres ampliar tu Español? Then this is the course for you! Students will expand their skills learning new complex grammatical concepts and sentence structures. Challenge yourself and build your language expertise with an overview of the subjunctive in Spanish. The Spanish subjunctive is a special verb form used to express uncertainty, possibility, mood, and expressions. Applicable to students who completed Advanced Spanish or have had more than two years of the Spanish language.

“Set Your Own Pace”

**Virtual access** Spring 2023

Parent Portal Access to Virtual Coursework Gain access to our Spring 2023 ‘Theme-based Spanish’ course (Vamos con la Música) via our Parent Portal. Includes newsletters, flashcards, quizlets and optional homework, as well as a link to access prerecorded classes for all 8 weeks of instruction. Parent portal password to gain access the coursework will be sent in early February 2023. Applicable to grades K-5, new students and previous Spanish participants.

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