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Did you know that students learn a language best when topic is fun and relatable to their everyday lives? Playing in Spanish sure sounds fun—and relatable! In this 8-week virtual class, ¡Vamos a Jugar! Students explore games, sports, and hobbies—all in SPANISH! Useful builder phrases they will learn in class will have them speaking in small sentences at the playground or on the field in no time. This fun and educational class offers unparalleled language exposure at a young age. Don’t Delay-Register Today! Classes fill up fast. 


Adult Conversational Spanish: Beginner Part 1

** LIVE virtual **
Always dreamed of learning Spanish or refreshing your high school Spanish?  Then this class is for you! The primary focus of the class will be on building conversational tools in Spanish through interactive practice and exercises. Vocabulary topics will include common greetings and introductions, pronunciation, numbers, food, clothing, likes and dislikes. Grammar topics will include subject pronouns, the verb estar conjugation, gender of nouns, and plurality. Participants will learn how to carry on small conversations in Spanish and each class will include interesting cultural anecdotes including Spanish word origin, dialect differences, and names in Spanish.  Applicable to new students and previous Spanish Conversation participants.


Adult Conversational Spanish: Intermediate Part 1

** LIVE virtual **
¿Hablas un poquito Español? Then this course is for you! Intermediate Spanish is specifically designed for the adult learner who has taken some Spanish in the past but wishes to improve conversational skills. Grammar and vocabulary concepts will include present tense AR verb conjugation, infinitive verbs, future tense with the verb IR, adverbs of frequency, useful prepositions, and more. Participants will practice conversation skills including learning how to make plans and discussing preferences in Spanish. Culture discussions will cover holiday traditions and celebrations in Spanish speaking countries. Like all Futura classes, a dynamic interactive approach will be used to keep the class fun and exciting!  Applicable to new students and previous Spanish Conversation participants.

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