How can I get the best results from my child’s Spanish class?Futura-1
  • Practice at home with the weekly newsletters each night for 5 minutes.
  • Utilize our Parent Portal, which includes weekly newsletters, optional homework, and pre-recorded mini-lessons!
  • Use the optional materials listed below to reinforce learning:
  • Stick with it! Language learning is a lifelong process!

Our Optional Materials:

Level I and Level II workbooks

$11.95 + $5.00 S&H (Save by ordering the set for $28.00 Includes shipping)
The Level I and Level II student workbooks are an optional, at home tool that allow families to practice course vocabulary related to the Level I and II classes. Activities such as online games, suggested books, crafts, projects and worksheets are included. There are also websites where families can visit to hear vocabulary pronunciation or to play games or learn cultural information.

Levels I, II, III, and IV Pronunciation CDs

$12.00 (Includes S&H)
These fantastic CDs will walk you through the weekly newsletters, orally giving you the opportunity to practice vocabulary words with your child. The pronunciation and clarity of these CDS is amazing and makes for the perfect reinforcement at home or in the car!

Musical CDs to accompany the Vamos program

$10.00/set (Includes S&H)
Two CDs are included in this affordable set. The first CD ¡A Jugar! has 19 songs related to the theme of playing, making it the perfect compliment to the Vamos class. The second CD Rondas Infantiles is a fun, musical CD with traditional songs kids can sing and dance along with in Spanish.

Musical CDs for FUN at home-perfect for any Futura program

$16.95 (Includes S&H)
Everyone in your family will be dancing and singing along with this fun CD Excelente Fabuloso. 13 Spanish songs and 12 Bilingual tracks will introduce vocabulary related to alphabet, animals, clothing and feelings-among others! This upbeat CD will be loved by the whole household and will have everyone singing in Spanish in no time.

Spanish sticker workbook for Vamos

$16.95 (Includes S&H)
This fun workbook includes vocabulary related to de vacaciones (vacations). Students will love matching stickers to Spanish vocabulary! Fun sticker book to bring on a summer road trip, flight, or staycation!  (Limited supply available)

Futura Spanish Club Youth T-Shirt

$14.99 (Includes S&H)
NEW! Your student will be able to show their pride of being involved in Spanish foreign language learning with Futura.
Design featured on both the front and back of T-shirt. Youth sizes available (small, medium, large).


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