Start a Program at Your Child’s School

Diligent beginnerHow can I start a before or after school Spanish program at my child’s school?
  1. Call your local Futura branch to request information: We have materials we can send you to show your school principal or we can communicate directly with the principal.
  2. Set up an appointment: We can meet with you and the school principal to discuss the details of the program. We can also present at your next PTO/PTA or School Board Meeting.
  3. Send home surveys: If you or the school administrators are concerned that enough families may not be interested, we can provide you with a simple interest survey to send home to families. If more than 15 families are interested, we can move forward with registration.
  4. Registration: You name the time and the place and we will create and print registration forms for you to distribute to students and parents. The parents send back their registrations directly to our school coordinators. From there, the program is headache free for you!
  5. Confirmations: We provide all of the class lists to the schools and send confirmations via email to registered families.

We provide a convenient, affordable language alternative to ensure your child gets a jumpstart on language learning!

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