Elementary Spanish – Our Curriculum

With two comprehensive, long-term curriculum options for Elementary Spanish, we are sure to have a class your child will love!

Both of our curriculum options offer the following benefits:
  • New material each school year
  • Dynamic method, which includes songs and games as the cornerstones for learning
  • Cultural information incorporated each class
  • Appropriate for grades K-6
  • Weekly newsletters provided for more practice at home
Our Levels Curriculum

Our unique method of instruction, the Building Block Method of Learning®, is the foundation for this curriculum system. Each semester your child will graduate into a new level of Spanish, constantly building on his or her skills. This curriculum is conversation-based and strives to mimic first language acquisition as much as possible with speaking introduced first, followed by grammar instruction after Level III. Though your child may be slow to start speaking the language, he or she starts understanding instructions from the teacher almost immediately. Children who graduate our 10-level program can read and write, as well as form complex sentence structures in Spanish.  Students even begin conjugating verbs starting in Level IV and beyond. Children who finish this program have a strong advantage entering middle school or high school Spanish classes. Want to learn more? Click here (FAQ Levels)

Ten levels of Spanish instruction!

Our Theme-based Curriculum

Dani and Beto in Machu Pichu
Our class amigos, Dani and Beto, lead the children in fun, dual language adventures. In this program students are introduced to a new topic each semester and become fully knowledgeable about the related vocabulary. For example: In our ¡Vamos a viajar! class, students learn all there is to know about travel related Spanish vocabulary while embarking on various adventures. For example: Students take a “plane” and learn how to get their passports, find their plane seats, and order a drink from the flight attendant. It’s a real life, applicable exercise! Each one of these fun classes follows a similar pattern your child will be sure to love. Students in these classes start speaking the language quickly and efficiently as each course includes core builder phrases so that students are able to form complete sentences and implement “real world Spanish” from the very first day. The best part about this program is that students of any age or level of Spanish can join in on the series at any time. They will always learn something new while playing games and having FUN! Want to learn more? Click here (FAQ Vamos)

¡Vámonos! Let’s go! Dani and Beto are ready to take you on this Spanish language-based adventure.)

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Please note our Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Tuition is non-refundable.  To cancel a class, 30 days written notice must be given. A $50 cancellation fee will be accessed for all cancellations