Get Involved

Get Involved in Your Child’s Class!

We know that the key to a successful Spanish program involves enthusiastic children and parents. As parents, you know your school community much better than we do! That’s why we are always looking for parents to represent Futura on a family level at the school.

Opportunity for in class involvement:

Classroom Volunteer: We welcome you to inquire about joining your child’s Spanish class as a volunteer teaching assistant. This is a great way to learn along with your child and make an impact on other’s students’ language education. (This is a non-paid volunteer position.)

Opportunity for administrative involvement:
Parent Liaison:

We also have an opportunity for those parents who would like to be involved in a more administrative manner to act as a parent liaison. (This position receives a $50.00 credit towards future classes with Futura). What are the responsibilities of a Parent Liaison? The responsibilities are small, but the impact is big!

  • Assist in ensuring a successful first day of Spanish-
    Help the students and teachers get to their appropriate classrooms and helping to call parents of children who are absent
  • Act as a Futura representative at your school’s Open House or Forms and Fees Day in August-
    You will collect registration forms and answer questions about the program
  • Work with school office to ensure the arrival and distribution of Spanish flyers-
    You will stop by the school office to make sure our flyers have arrived and have gone out in the weekly folders
  • Help make phone calls to families to boost enrollment-
    We may ask you to call previous families at the start of a new semester to encourage them to re-enroll with Spanish
  • Correspond with Futura Program Manager throughout the year (As needed)

Contact your local office for more information.