Minnesota Staff

Juliann Hoffman

Bilingual Area Manager Minnesota Region

Juliann graduated in 2013 from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Sociology. She has taken every possible opportunity to travel the world and has been to many places – Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil…but the most memorable moments occurred when she traveled the true country sides of Panama (and climbing the highest volcano!), Uruguay, and Brazil. Her favorite part of those trips was staying with local families, experiencing their culture and delicious food, and getting to see the side of these beautiful countries that most tourists don’t get to see!

She has spent the last 5 1/2 years working in administration for a Spanish Immersion Intercultural preschool in Minnesota. In her time there, she grew professionally while leading a team of early childhood educators . She started learning Spanish at the age of 12, and she joined Futura to be able to inspire other children to learn a second language at a young age too! Her passion for not only the Spanish language but the beautiful culture that accompanies it are what have led her to Futura.

Please contact Juliann regarding Spanish programs or employment opportunities in Minnesota:
Telephone: (952) 261-4105
Email:  Juliann@FuturaAdventures.com


Sandy O’Keefe

Program Coordinator for Wisconsin and Minnesota

Sandy came to Futura Language Professionals in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of WI – Madison.  Her degree provided her with the knowledge that exposing children to ethnic and cultural experiences at an early age will allow them to become diversified and confident young individuals with an increased appreciation for life.  Upon graduation Sandy taught 4-year-old preschool at a learning center in Madison, where she designed and instructed lesson plans focused around specific themes.  She also assisted the center in becoming nationally accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  After Sandy moved back to her hometown near Milwaukee, she began an extensive 7-year career in marketing and administrative services.  In addition to serving as the liaison for our parents and schools in the Wisconsin and Minnesota regions, Sandy is an active mother of two high-schoolers.  She believes that exposing children to early language learning is a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world.

Please contact Sandy with any questions related to our Enrichment programs:
Telephone: 262-719-9332
Email: SandyO@FuturaAdventures.com


Evelyn Saavedra

Bilingual Teacher Supervisor for Minnesota

Evelyn, already a Futura Teacher, joined the Futura Language Professionals corporate staff in 2022 as a bilingual teacher supervisor. As a native Spanish speaker from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Evelyn brings a rich cultural experience to share with students and teachers. Evelyn has extensive experience in the Spanish Language for Early Education and Elementary Schools having served as a teacher for 18 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Education from “The National Pedagogic University” in Honduras.  Thus, she brings unique talent and deep insight into language matters. Throughout her tenure, Evelyn has provided valuable contributions to children’s language development. For example, she created an effective Spanish curriculum for childcare centers in Minnesota.

Evelyn draws her passion for teaching from the kind of impact she brings on children’s lives. She strongly believes that being a teacher is a rewarding job that allows her to motivate and engage children in learning a foreign language; as well as help them in their social skill development, knowledge acquisition, and learning about different languages and cultures.

When not involved in teaching and training teachers, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling to her favorite destinations. She has traveled to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Hawaii; mainly due to her desire to learn about different cultures. During summer, Evelyn enjoys outdoor activities like walking around the lake, riding her bike, and having dinners on the patio.

Email: Evelyn@FuturaAdventures.com