Minnesota Staff

Juliann Hoffman

Bilingual Area Manager Minnesota Region

Juliann graduated in 2013 from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Sociology. She has taken every possible opportunity to travel the world and has been to many places – Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil…but the most memorable moments occurred when she traveled the true country sides of Panama (and climbing the highest volcano!), Uruguay, and Brazil. Her favorite part of those trips was staying with local families, experiencing their culture and delicious food, and getting to see the side of these beautiful countries that most tourists don’t get to see!

She has spent the last 5 1/2 years working in administration for a Spanish Immersion Intercultural preschool in Minnesota. In her time there, she grew professionally while leading a team of early childhood educators . She started learning Spanish at the age of 12, and she joined Futura to be able to inspire other children to learn a second language at a young age too! Her passion for not only the Spanish language but the beautiful culture that accompanies it are what have led her to Futura.

Please contact Juliann regarding Spanish programs or employment opportunities in Minnesota:
Telephone: (952) 261-4105
Email:  Juliann@FuturaAdventures.com



Darina Gaievska

Bilingual Teacher Supervisor for Minnesota

Darina joined the Futura Language Professionals corporate staff as a Bilingual Teacher Supervisor in 2024, after having taught with Futura for some time. Darina realized that she had a passion for learning languages ever since she was a child. Originally from Ukraine, she grew up speaking both Russian and Ukrainian. After her family moved to the United States at the age of 12, she quickly acquired English speaking skills to assimilate to the new environment. Afterwards, Darina went on to learn French and Spanish in High School.

Darina continued learning Spanish in Miami, both in an academic setting and with friends. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2017 and recognized her interest in remaining a lifelong learner of Spanish.

Having grown up in three different countries, Darina enjoys exploring other cultures and expanding her mind on different perspectives, ideas, traditions. She loves to learn from other people and believes that cross-cultural exchange opens horizons beyond one’s wildest imagination. Darina takes this type of mindset into her classroom as well, where she intends to learn as much from the students as they from her.

Email: Darina@FuturaAdventures.com

Sabrina Davis
Sabrina graduated in 2024 from the University of Minnesota, with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Political Science. This interdisciplinary degree provided her with cultural awareness, historical perspective, critical thinking, and communication skills. Throughout her higher educational journey, she studied the Spanish language and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Immersed in the vibrant Spanish culture, Sabrina attended classes and an internship with a local Catalan company. During this meaningful experience, she developed friendships with her coworkers gaining first-hand insights into the culture and language.
Sabrina started her journey with Futura Language Professionals in 2023 as an Enrichment educator. She loves working with her students, engaging them in the language, and explaining complicated concepts. Community and education are very important to her and she works hard to ensure everyone feels included and valued in her classroom.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Sabrina loves being surrounded by nature. Summer or winter she goes for walks around the beautiful Minnesotan parks and lakes. Additionally, she spends time working on artistic or creative activities, such as photography, wood carving, painting, and more. One of her biggest hobbies is gardening and taking care of her many plants. Learning the Spanish language and culture has been a very important part of her educational experience and she hopes to support others on their journey too!
Email: Sabrina@FuturaAdventures.com


Loretta Bartz

Program Coordinator for Wisconsin and Minnesota


Please contact Loretta with any questions related to our Enrichment programs:
Telephone: 262-719-9332
Email: coordinator@FuturaAdventures.com