The Futura Difference

Elementary-globe-kidsFutura has been a leader and a pioneer in Spanish educational, enrichment programming since 2001. We are proud to say that thousands of children have been touched by foreign language learning because of Futura programming.  We continue to live out our core mission day after day.

  • We are a community-based language school-We bring language learning to you!
  • We offer proven elementary, middle school and adult Spanish curriculum tracks
  • All of our youth classes utilize our unique and dynamic method, The Building Block Method of Learning®
  • We have one of the only written middle-school specific Spanish programs in the country
  • Our teachers are all formally trained and officially observed by Futura managing staff
  • The primary focus of our classes is on social conversation building
  • Futura language instruction mimics that of first language acquisition as closely as possible
  • We pride ourselves in offering affordable language programs with thousands of dollars in grant awards given each year to families in need
  • Our programs are headache free for school administration
  • Included with our tuition is an online parent portal providing weekly newsletters, pre-recorded lessons, Quizlet’s, homework and more for additional practice at home
  • We consistently achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rate year after year
  • Futura guarantees small teacher to student ratios
  • We require teachers to adhere to a strict set of expected administrative safety and attendance policies and procedures
  • We are an ever-evolving, forever growing company


Creating Lifelong Language Learners Since 2001