Extra Practice At Home

¡Saludos de Futura!
Learning a new language is a lifelong process that takes a lot of time and dedication. Your child starts responding immediately to his or her instructor in Spanish, but being able to reproduce or regurgitate the language is the last step in the process. Practicing at home will definitely aid in retention and comprehension.
On our website you can find optional materials available for additional practice at home:
Here are some additional ways to reinforce learning:

Free Websites:

https://www.Spanishdict.com — Pronunciation
https://rockalingua.com — Music Based Spanish Learning
https://www.wordreference.com — Pronunciation
https://www.spanishplayground.net — Online Activities (Songs, Books, Videos)


If you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country be sure to have your child use his or her new vocabulary. Don’t forget that many US cities have authentic ethnic neighborhoods that may be right in your back door! If you can’t physically get away why not pick one Spanish speaking country to learn about this summer?


Local libraries have a lot of books in Spanish for children. Picking out a familiar book, but in Spanish is a great way to learn new words.


Whether it is a trip to an authentic Mexican grocery store or trying a papusa from an El Salvadorian restaurant, the possibilities are endless and make great, educational field trips where students can put their language skills to use too!

Games & Movies:

Many sites online offer free games, movies, and apps that could be fun for the whole family! Check out a fun app called “The Spanish School Bus” by Chungaboo. Another option to reinforce Spanish would be to watch a familiar children’s movie in Spanish.


  • DuoLingo
    Students can explore and learn while using the app.  They will earn points for correct answers and race against the clock to level up.
  • Stories by Gus on the Go
    In the app, children can play their way through games and lessons based on timeless story tales such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” or “The Three Little Pigs” while learning a new language.
  • Little Pim
    This app is based on a collection of language learning videos which focus on teaching children the essential building blocks of a language.