Parent-Funded Enrichment Program

Budget constraints? Start a Parent-Funded Enrichment Program!

TeacherFutura Language Professionals recognizes that budget cuts across the country often do not allow for school-funded foreign language at the elementary or middle school levels. However, the importance of early foreign language training remains. We therefore create long-term before or after school enrichment programs, which are parent funded. We see these programs as complete partnerships, which are meant to be headache free for the school administration.

Here is what we can provide for you:

Our Parent-Funded Enrichment Program
  • 16-20 week programs available
  • Hour-long classes conveniently held right at school
  • Two comprehensive curriculums to choose from
  • Affordable tuition
  • Need based grants and payment plans available
  • Before or after school classes available
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Long-term program with new material each semester
  • Weekly newsletters provided to parents

A family approached me asking what sets our school above others and I replied, Having added the foreign language component to our enrichment has added a piece of something to our public school that not many schools have.”
– Principal, Northside Elementary School

We take care of:
  • Registration, class lists, and management
  • Communication with parents and instructors
  • Recruitment and hiring of all instructors
  • Background checks and evaluations of all instructors

We provide you with a long-term language solution,
which is no cost to the school!