Our School Funded Integrated Program

Our Integrated Program

“We take the headache out of hiring!”

  • We recruit, hire and train a talented instructor to work at your school
  • We observe and evaluate the instructor
  • We provide a curriculum that meets or exceeds national standards
  • We provide all materials and curriculum books for grades K-8
  • We have one of the only middle school Spanish curriculums in the country
  • We pay hourly wage and planning time for instructors
  • We send you monthly invoices to ease the payment process
  • We work with you to provide substitutes when necessary
  • We create a dynamic learning environment
  • We field all phone calls and concerns from parents
  • We are long term partners

The students really love the Futura teacher and so do we!”
– Barbara Heinle, Principal, St. Anthony on the Lake Parish School

If you are still searching for the perfect candidate for your Spanish teacher position, call us today! Futura Language Professionals is a completely community-based organization dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and the cultures it represents. We have been partners in the community for over eight years, continuously creating customized programs to suit the needs of clients like you. We encourage you to call to schedule a meeting and to obtain local references. Contact your local Futura office.

Thanks for working with us. It’s been a good partnership.”
– Donna Larson, Principal Mary Queen of Heave School